Getting started with configuration

Configure Mage2Plenty M1 extension application

Mage2Plenty M1 extension consists of the following modules:

Each module represents an entity of components responsible for integration between Magento and PlentyMarkets system. To achieve successful integration, configuration of each module is required.


This module is responsible for configuration of API integration between Magento and PlentyMarkets. This is where a connection between Magento and PlentyMarkets is established using REST API.

This module is the core functionality of Mage2Plenty M1 application.

Configuration link: Plenty_Core.

Dependency: None. All other modules are dependant on Plenty_Core.


This modules ensure customer integration between the two systems.

It depends on Plenty_Core and is mainly used for order and customer data synchronisation.

Configuration link: Plenty_Customers.

Dependency: Plenty_Core.


An integration between PlentyMarkets Catalog Items/Variations and Magento products is taken care by Plenty_Item. It is also responsible for synchronisation of categories, attributes and properties.

Configuration link: Product Export

Configuration link: Product Import

Configuration link: Category Export

Configuration link: Category Import

Dependency: Plenty_Core


This module is responsible for synchronising sales data between Magento and PlentyMarkets. New orders are automatically exported to PlentyMarkets and it’s response status is synchronised back to magento, resulting in automatic update/create functionality of Invoices, Shipments, Credit Memos and Exchanges.

Configuration link: Order Export

Configuration link: Order Import

Dependency: Plenty_Core


Inventory module is responsible for ensuring stock data is up-to-date between the two systems.

Configuration link: Stock Import

[Stock Export] This functionality is under consideration. We’ll let you know if and when this functions is available. Mostly likely this will only be implemented on Magento 2 connector.

Dependency: Plenty_Core Plenty_Item.

Install extension using Connect Manager
System configuration